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WordPress Care Plans

Our plans are set up to help you focus on running your business, leaving us to do what we do best… running WordPress websites.

We’ll work with you to ensure that your business and website keep on-top of the ever-changing world of the web, while also ensuring your site is safe and up-to-date. Afterall, you’ve spent money building a new site, why would you want to it fall back behind?

Read on to find out what’s included in your care plan…

UK Hosting & Secure Cloud Backups.

We proudly use UK based hosting running on G10 HPE Servers with a 99.995% uptime. We take a nightly backup of your site and send this to a separate secure datacenter keeping a 30-day history.

WordPress Core Updates.

We’ll apply WordPress core upgrades (after testing to ensure it won’t break your site) to help keep your site running smoothly and securely.

Third-party Plugin Updates.

We’ll also upgrade any third-party plugins every month - again doing this on a staging site to ensure it all goes smoothly.

Security Scanning.

Monitoring your website 24/7 scanning for vulnerabilities - we’ll actively get alerted and minimise the threat to your site.

Uptime Monitoring.

We’ll actively monitor your website 24/7 and ensure it’s back up in no time if it does go down - which is very rare!

SSL Certificate.

We'll also include a Let's Encrypt SSL (TLS) certificate to help keep your site secure and display the trusted padlock icon.

Visual Checking.

Automated tools are great but nothing can beat a human-being checking through your website with a fine tooth comb for errors.

Link Monitoring.

Broken links can harm your SEO and confuse users - we’ll regularly scan the site for broken links and provide you with a list.

Version Controlled Code.

We’ll keep your WordPress theme inside a git repo meaning we can easily roll-back any changes.

Secure Portal.

Never feel in the dark - login into our Care Plan portal to view logs.

Staging Site.

Want to make some changes to your site but don’t want them publicly available? We can set up a staging site for you.

General WP Support.

Got a WordPress question? Pop us a ticket and we’ll happily lend a hand!

WordPress Care Plans

Plan Options

We provide two plans…

Basic – This includes everything above which will help keep you online for just £45/month+VAT.

Basic + Improve – This includes everything above as well as a two development hours a month which would be spent on improving your site as well as a monthly catch-up call to plan ahead, this is all for just £95/month+VAT (saving around £100).

Just interested in hosting? Drop us a line for a bespoke package.

All our plans are 30 days rolling.

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