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Why Use A Content Management System?

Utilising a content management system could provide huge benefits for your website and your team. In an age where content is king, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the content you’re creating and putting out into the world can be easily found and accessed by end-users. You don’t need to build your content management system from scratch. With a range of platforms available you’ll be able to find a CMS solution that meets the needs of your website and your technical skillset.


Simplify and speed-up your workflow

The majority of content management systems will have a user interface from which you easily upload, organise, and publish your content. Whether you’re updating a blog, an eCommerce store, or an image portfolio, CMS will streamline this process for you. A content management system will allow you to apply structural changes with ease, eliminating the need for complicated or time-consuming HTML updates.

If you have a number of team members focused on uploading and editing your content, a content management system is ideal. Many platforms will offer multiple user functionality, allowing you to create individual logins for your contributors. Some interfaces will also have customisable user options, such as admin privileges. This will enable you to ensure a controlled, dynamic approach to website content. Multiple users working on static web pages, without utilising a content management system, will make changes and updates difficult to track and communicate in real-time. This leaves scope for confusion and wasted time. Ultimately, a content management system will streamline your process and allow for a more seamless workflow. 


Improve Your SEO

A huge benefit of working with a content management system is the positive impact it will have on your site’s search engine optimisation. A website with regularly updated content will rank higher in searches. Content management systems will usually be optimised to work well with the most current SEO.


A content management system presents a range of options for you to further refine and optimise your site’s SEO. Plug-Ins are a great way to aid further insights in this area. Again, you won’t have to build these from scratch with many resources readily available online that will be compatible with your chosen CMS.


Extend site functionality

A content management system can provide great potential for creating dynamic site content. There is a wide range of Plug-Ins and Widgets that can be easily added to your website to further optimise your content for the end-user. Perhaps you want to add eCommerce features, better integrate with social media, easily review analytics, or add a mailing list. Adding dynamic functionality to your site content will be a straightforward and efficient process. A great many things are possible when using a content management system, equipping you with the tools to create your content, without the need for outsourcing to an external developer.


Hopefully, this blog has highlighted some of the key benefits of using a content management system. If you’re interested in learning more about how a CMS can benefit your website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here at Hex.