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7 Top Web Design Trends in 2019

The world is constantly changing and moving these top trends design and development elements of 2019 that we’ve seen and can see becoming more popular.

1) Minimalism

The fewer the parts, the more confident the individual design elements will seem. A minimalistic design should also make the website load faster, with the hassle-free appearance. This will also be more simplistic for the users to grasp the information, thus showing the new trends on the UI/ UX designs for a customer.

2) Loading Speed

This has become highly important in the last year with Google changing the criteria to be faster for a better rank in searches. Along with this users lower attention spans and need for things instantly leads to coders/ designers have to make sure the loading time is kept to a minimum for users to easily access their website.

3) More Video Content

More and more users are wanting to sit and watch things online, which can be seen through the rise of Netflix, YouTube, Facebook videos and more. According to research, marketers who tend to use videos will grow around 50% faster than non-video users.

4) ChatBots

An artificial intelligent messaging system has become more independent in the support of human users. The development services are becoming higher in demand and are more prominent within a design, thus the users are more likely to use the bot and return with the good interaction.

5) Natural rounded shapes

The internet is seen as a scary and untrustworthy place so designers try to style the pages for a more natural and peaceful look. To achieve this the heavy geometric shapes are discarded and the softer rounded, curved shapes are placed in. Thus letting the user the ability to feel comfort and freely use the site.

6) One page applications

These simple designs have only one screen with all the details easily accessible. This means that a user with low wifi is able to use the website to its full potential. On top of this site should be cheap to develop with simple graphics that has been well thought out.

7) Emotional Design

Through creating a connection with the users they are more likely to come back and buy what the design is selling. To perfect this idea designers use stylings to cue the users emotions towards the business. This can be seen through a bike traveling across the screen, making the viewer want to ride along with the bike.

So, there we are, our top 7 trends that we can see in the industry right now!