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Care Plan
Service Level Agreement

Unsure what’s included? You can find our Standard Care Plan offering here. You should’ve also received an invitation to your personalised dashboard to track your website maintenance – if you’ve not received this please contact

Support Requests

This page has been produced to set the expectations on support requests to ensure Hex can provide an excellent standard of service within the best time frame possible to you.

All support requests should be sent to (or via your own support address if this has been set up) – you’ll then receive an automated response that the ticket has been received (if you’ve not received this within 5 minutes please resend the ticket). It’s important that requests include as much detail as possible (including links/screenshots where possible), and the submitter should also ensure all logins/access details where possible.

Working Hours

Our standard development support team operates between 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

You may reach the team during out-of-hours using the usual methods but this should only be used when a site/server is unreachable, all other requests will be dealt with the next working day. If you wish to have a support team available 24/7 for all requests then a separate quote can be provided.

Response Times

All requests get an automated response to confirm we’ve received the ticket (this will contain your ticket number), we’ll then follow up within 1 hour confirming what level the ticket has been prioritised as – this priority level will then determine how quickly the ticket will be resolved based on the information you’ve provided. If you believe we’ve got the priority level wrong then please let us know, and we can reassess it.

In certain circumstances we will put the ticket resolution on hold – for example when we are awaiting a response from you with further information or an approval for work that may have a temporary impact. 

It’s important that only one ticket is submitted per an issue – duplicate tickets cause confusion and could add a delay.

Priority Levels

The below table sets out the estimated resolution time – we’ll try our best to complete sooner, and sometimes it might not be possible to meet within the resolution time if a third party is involved.

Priority Level Definition Resolution Time
Critical The Website / Server is down and not responsive. 1hr
High The Website / Server is up and responsive but not performing correctly and impacting a large amount of users (e.g – SSL not working). 4hrs
Medium An issue which is impacting a small amount of users (e.g – A redirect for a certain page), or an Sys Admin task (copy of a database or new user adding to server). 8hrs
Low Tickets considered as a website improvement/addition. 10hrs
Monitor Whereby Hex is asked to monitor an issue – we’ll typically monitor (using automated tools) for 48hrs before making as resolved, unless the ticket gets escalated. N/A

Updated: December 2020