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How Can Google Analytics Benefit You?

Basic metrics (consumption) is how many people have viewed or accessed your content. Google Analytics is a key consumption metric alongside traffic and open rates.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is a very important marketing tool as it allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns and compare it to previous analytics.

The majority of business owners main objective is making your business grow. In order to do that you will need to have a wide audience. To widen your audience you will need to send more traffic to your site.

What can Google Analytics do?

Browsers and Operating Systems Your Visitors Use

Google Analytics can help by finding out what browser your audience are viewing your website from, such as whether it is Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The feature can be quite useful as some web features are incompatible with certain browsers and operating systems. By monitoring which browsers are used to view your site, you can see whether your audience is using a boilerplate programme (Internet Explorer or Safari). If this is the case, then it is important of you to make sure that your site is extra user-friendly and it is easy for users to navigate.

What isn’t keeping people interested?

Google Analytics can pick up which pages are not interesting enough for your audience by measuring how many people click away to another site. By having this information you can them improve upon that page to bring more traffic. Your audience is the one thing keeping your site alive and it’s important you provide content which is engaging and relevant.

How Much People Are Poking Around

Google Analytics also measures how long users spend on your site overall as well as each individual page. It also monitors how many pages each person visits, so maybe if your audience are only viewing one to two pages per visit – maybe it’s time for an update of content or a redesign. By measuring the amount of time spent on your site, it gives you the information of what information is appealing to your audience the most and therefore informs you of where your website can be improved and what sells to your audience the best.

What devices is your site being viewed on?

Nowadays, people are using devices such as mobiles and tablets rather than computers. It is important to know how your site is being viewed so you can make sure on mobile it is mobile-friendly and accessible. If the majority of your audience are viewing your website via a mobile device, you want your business to appeal to your target market just as much as if it were viewed on a computer. Images and text need to be positioned correctly and your website needs to be able to fit to different sized screens.

Instant updates

Google will instantly notify you with any important information like number of clicks, increase of visitors and decreases in traffic. As long as the alert feature of Google Analytics is turned on, you will be kept up to date. This feature will help you identify spikes in traffic – which you need to attend to quickly as it will be interesting and become a valuable source of information when this happens.

Ecommerce sites

With ecommerce sites, you can track values of orders and well as the items being purchased. By measuring which products are being bought, you can use that information to then advertise those particular products more. Tracking the value of orders will inform you of the change in customer behaviour month to month.

Tracking events

It also measures how many times your audience clicks on a specific link, downloads a PDF resource and whitepapers. It is vital to know if your content and resources are being used and are engaging otherwise they are not worth being on the site. Emails can also be tracked by how many subscribers have opened your email and how many clicks the link has received. It shows the figure of how many subscribers have opened and clicked as well as the list average.

It is important to use Google Analytics as it allows you to cover all aspects by tracking metrics, for example: impressions, downloads, usage data, likes and comments. You can monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies, onsite content, user experience, and device functionality.

I hope this article aids you in how Google Analytics can help you! Thank you for reading!