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How to use LinkedIn as a Business

LinkedIn has a total of 562 million users (August 2018) as is fast growing from it’s 467 million figure in October 2018. The main purpose of having LinkedIn is to build networks and connections but it’s not only about who you know…it’s about who your connections know (much like word-of-mouth). The power of LinkedIn for a business is incredibly impressive and it has a big influence on what the public think of your brand.

How to set up a LinkedIn Company Page

A Company Page aids LinkedIn members increase their knowledge regarding your business, brand, job opportunities, and general happenings within your business. Company Pages are also a brilliant way to establish industry expertise and include this within the progression of your business.

LinkedIn Company Pages are ideal to raise awareness of your brand, drive business results, and promote and attract potential employees with job opportunities. It is also great to educate potential customers/clients with your products, services, and also show them what you (as a business) are interested in. You can like, comment, and share a post to your heart’s’ content so why not?! Remember to stay professional throughout!

1. In order to create a LinkedIn Company Page you need to head to and create yourself a Personal Account. Once you have completed this process with need to click on the ‘Work’ icon in the top right hand corner of your Homepage. This icon is displayed below.

2. Next click on ‘Create a Company Page’. It should be at the bottom of the menu bar. 1.

3. You now need to enter your Company Name and choose a URL for your business. It is key to note that all Company Page URLs will be set out as

  • Even though your Company Page name does not need to be unique, the public URL does. It cannot be the same as another URL that exists on the internet as LinkedIn members and search engines will use your unique URL to find your page.

4. After the creation of your individual URL, you need to tick the verification box.

  • This will confirm that you have the right the create a page on behalf of the company. Without this verification, unfortunately you with not be able to create a page.

5. Click on “Create page”. This will confirm your page and before you know it…you’ll be up and running!

  • If you do not have a confirmed email address which is linked with your LinkedIn profile, you will be advised to add and verify your email address.
  • Of a red error message appears, do not panic! It means that your LinkedIn account has recently been created or you do not have enough connections.

Why is LinkedIn good for a business?

  • Statistics suggest LinkedIn could possibly be the most effective social media platform for product launches. Social media, in particular LinkedIn, has a huge impact on how new product information is provided to media, bloggers and consumers. According to a polling conducted by ‘Regalix’, LinkedIn is currently the number 1 platform used for product launches. This study showed that an amazing 81% of businesses use LinkedIn for launches, compared to 54% who use Facebook.
  • LinkedIn is proved to be incredible at aiding businesses recruit new talent. The use of social networking in a professional manner for recruitment purposes has rocketed over the past 4 years. LinkedIn conducted their own research and they have seen an increase of 73% in job recruitment usage on their platform.
  • Your posts on LinkedIn can potentially reach all of your page followers. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has no filtered feed. If you post an update on LinkedIn it indefinitely appears in your followers’ feed no matter how much they interact with your page or have interacted with your posts in the past. It is important to remember, however, that this does not mean that all of your followers will be on the platform when you post. Due to this, this means that you need to post regularly and according to LinkedIn businesses should expect to post 20 times a month in order to reach approximately 60% of their audience.

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