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National Coding Week 2019: Coding for Everyone

Imagine a coder at work – who do you see?

My guess is you have an image of a young man, in a dark room, furiously typing indecipherable lines of green text across a wall of screens. Surrounded by empty pizza boxes, this coding cliché has existed for nearly as long as coding itself. The modern reality is far from.

With coding now more accessible and more diverse than ever before, those darkened rooms are light and airy, easily accessed by the youth of today who have grown up in a digital era. Competent with everything from Siri, to Facebook, to basic coding language, thanks to a coding curriculum introduced in 2014. The adults of our society, less so. National Coding Week is a volunteer-led event founded in 2014 that offers engaging, collaborative events that aim to narrow this skill gap across all age groups. This year, the focus was on opening up the conversation and give everyone the opportunity to learn. Coding is for everyone.

A far cry from the darkened room, coding can open up the doors to a wealth of opportunities. Ask our team, who have honed their skills to be able to fulfill the needs of our clients and build kick-ass websites and applications. 

As we come to the end of National Coding Week 2019, we’re sharing some of our favorite resources and inspiration across the great wide web that laid the foundations for our team to become the developers they are today. 

The Coders That Inspired 

Alexey Pajitov will always have a place on our list. As the programmer behind the simple, yet painfully addictive game that is still popular today, he’s the perfect example for simple, yet functional end products. Where would we be without Tetris after all? 

Sara Soueidan is a front-end developer who builds websites that aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but that are functional, accessible and easy to use. Her blog is always a go-to for inspiration and ideas.

John Resign is the expert on all things JavaScript, and the creator of jQuery, the most popular JavaScript library in the world. He continues to educate people about JavaScript through his book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja and is a certified pro on the tech conference circuit.

Codeclan is an award-winning digital academy operating an interactive virtual classroom (and it looks like one too). Offering fully immersive courses, it’s a great resource for those looking to launch a career in programming or web development.

Bryan Cantrill, a brilliant former engineer at Sun Microsystems (think of them as the original coders) is now the CTO of Oxide Computer. A regular on the conference circuit, his talk on technology leadership is a gamechanger. 

A non-exhaustive list, but a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration. We’ll be continuing to find and share resources like these throughout National Coding Week and doing our part to make coding accessible for everyone.