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Top 5 WordPress Plugins

The right plugins can make all the difference for your website. They can help with all sorts of improvements, from increasing performance to enhancing the overall aesthetic.

But with so many options out there, how are you meant to know which one to choose?

Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins that have proved essential for startups and established brands.


1. Contact Form 7

Need to capture contact information from your prospect and use reCaptcha to prevent spam emails? Then look no further than Contact Form 7. It’s such a simple plugin but it delivers everything you need.

There’s no fancy code needed so you can quickly get your contact forms on your website.

Over 5 million websites have used and continue to use Contact Form 7. It also has thousands of 5-star reviews that emphasise its greatness. 

But it gets better…

Contact Form 7 is completely free.

There’s really no other plugin in this area that comes close to offering this much value.


2. Yoast SEO

Few plugins are as efficient as Yoast SEO. Assuming you know the basics of keyword research, this plugin guides you to ensure your content is optimized for search engine results pages

From recommending changes to your title to highlighting where you require more internal and external links, Yoast SEO makes on-page SEO easy.

This is also a free plugin, but you have the option to upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium for extended benefits.

3. Advanced Custom Fields 

Experienced WordPress users know that the platform isn’t always the most flexible. Luckily, the Advanced Custom Fields plugin solves these issues so you can generate your own functions.

The custom field creator gives you the freedom to create, as the tool suggests, custom fields in your blog posts, different media and more. It also comes with a lot of supporting documentation to get you up to speed if you find it a little difficult to work with.

This plugin is free but the Pro version unlocks further features that once you start using, you can’t go back to the standard version.

4. WP All Import

This is the only plugin you’ll need to import files to your website. From CSV files to Excel and XML, it does it all. WP All Import works with every theme on WordPress so it won’t mess up your design or functionality.

Further, WP All Import integrates with other popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO, making it the complete package.

5. WP Super Cache

Page speed is so important for the overall user experience. The WP Super Cache plugin provides a speedy solution to ensure your website loads as expected.

It’s yet another free plugin and it’s really easy to use. The plugin generates static HTML as opposed to traditional PHP scripts.

If you are looking for something quick and simple to speed up your website, this is certainly one of the best plugins around. There are lots of other benefits to enjoy too so get downloading.