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Top 7 Website Trends of 2018

1. Web Animation

It is creative and mesmerizing technique used by many businesses across the world. The popularity and possibilities with this trend are increasing at a rapid rate with everyone desperate to look original and professional. Animated logos are a huge trend of 2018 and it gives a company a big opportunity to enhance their brand further. So why is animation so big this year? The reason is the volume of creation tools. However, just because it is a trend doesn’t mean it should be used for the sake of it. It needs to fit with your project. It can transform a good project to a great project.

2. Adventurous colours

It can be pretty daunting to use bright bold colours. It is a big trend at the moment and we are not surprised. It makes a statement. The striking visual treatment is being used throughout websites, social media and advertisements. Again, the adventurous colour is not for every project. Also be careful not to ‘over do it’…less is more remember!

3. Original Typography

Typography plays a massive part in a businesses brand. In Vogue magazines, you will find helvetica, their identifiable font. Now in 2018, designers are leaning towards fonts with a personality for aesthetic purposes. And we don’t blame them! Many people are bored of seeing the basic old fonts, for example Arial and Sans. The majority of sites use these unoriginal fonts so why not stand out with an inventive font? Arial is the default font for Gmail, Google Drive documents and Photoshop. As long as it is easy to read there is no problem! Definitely be creative with a logo font, but tone it down a little for the site. Customers do not want swirly writing taking over the page!

4. Information design

It has been said that there is now a huge emphasis on effective storytelling through design, conveying complex information. Information design is the way of presenting information in a way that entices people using an efficient and effective way of allowing them to understand it. Information design is closely related to the field of data visualization and is often educated in conjunction with graphic design courses.

5. Flat design

Flat design is still alive, however in 2018 it is having to adapt itself to still be used just as frequent. Flat design was big in the early 2000’s. It had impacted many logos such as Instagram, Stripe and Dropbox. Flat design 2.0 is the use of shadow and gradients to bring your flat design to life. It gives emphasis to your graphic, bringing nuance and depth. It’s 2018 people, let’s take the next step!

6. Asymmetric layouts

Asymmetry is one of the most impactful concepts in your design capabilities. It is an eye-catching technique that is unique and thought-provoking. One thing to be careful of is that Asymmetric design is difficult to get the hang of hence why a lot of designers stay away from it. However, this trend is quickly being taught and learnt by designers and therefore being used more and more. It’s worth it!

7. Kinetic emails

Kinetic emails are emails that use CSS to focus the reader onto certain aspects of the content sent. Kinetic emails include interactive email design elements such as Sliders, Carousels, Search in email, GIF, Graphs, Menus, Rotational Banners, Scratch and Flip and Hover-over animation which make the emails more engaging.