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Why 95% of the Websites that we Build are Built on WordPress

Did you know that WordPress is one the most popular content management systems? With around 30% of the entire web running on WordPress with over 29 million downloads.

The main reason that we use WordPress at Hex Creatives is because it’s easy for our clients to manage their own sites, being a busy digital marketing agency we don’t want to be spending time (or charging clients) to make simple text ammends that can easily be done.

WordPress is free and also open source – meaning we are good to redistribute and modify it.

The reason why WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems is due to the wide range of plugins that are available. We recently published a blog post on ‘Our Top 5 WordPress Plugins‘, but we will also work with our clients and their requirements to suss out other plugins which may help their site exceed.

Did you also know that WordPress can be used as an e-commerce platform? Making use of WooCommerce, you can turn it into a fully fledged shop.

And finally, we work closely with our clients to ensure that when their website goes live that users will be able to find them via search engines. Lucky, WordPress was built with Search Engine Optimisation in mind which makes our lives a little easier!

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