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Why Choose an Apprenticeship?

In this article, I will share with you my personal opinion on why you should choose to do an Apprenticeship. Last year, I started looking for Apprenticeships after attempting College. I didn’t know much about Apprenticeships, however, after spending time at Hex Creatives I soon discovered why it is beneficial not only for students, but anyone who is interested! At Hex Creatives, I get to learn not only what I am studying for a qualification, but a variety of different skills. Choosing to do an Apprenticeship was the best decision I have made and it will definitely benefit me throughout my life. So, now let’s go through the benefits of Apprenticeships.

Earning and Learning

Whilst learning, you are working a full-time job and you get paid minimum wage. Doesn’t that sound good? Through research, we have found out that individuals that do an Apprenticeship earn an average of £100,000 more than their colleagues throughout a lifetime. Minimum wage doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is common that many employers pay more. However, it is important to remember that you’re an apprentice which is different to other colleagues.

Work Experience

You get to experience what it is like in a work environment and see what it is like to work in your desired career choice. You can’t teach in college what real life work is like as each company is different. It is also a great opportunity for people to learn and explore more about their own abilities. It allows them to identify their strength and weaknesses and what skills they need to learn.

Career Prospects

An Apprenticeship will open up new opportunities for you. By being in a workplace, you will have more experience regarding working for a company than someone who has just come out of College. If you do choose to go into full-time College or University, you do have the choice to do work experience.


You will have access to software and other equipment which aids you in learning whatever is needed incredibly easily. You will get free training from experienced trainers, whether that be with colleagues or your employer. You will also attend College once a week, unless you have a no college time which means your assessor will come and talk to you in your workplace. Another route to consider is a BTEC course which are demanding yet incredibly rewarding. BTEC Apprenticeships train you in the skills employers want; it gives you choices in your career. This helps you decide what to do as your next step, whether you go into further education or you thrive in the workplace.


You can start an Apprenticeship from the age of sixteen after completing your GCSEs. If you are working in a business that has less than fifty employees, the Government will fund your training at College. If the business you are doing your Apprenticeship through has more than Fifty, then it is down to you to fund your training. Another bonus is that your employer will get paid a sum from the Government for taking on an Apprentice. Win win!


You will not only learn to work independently but also in a team. Your team members become a vital part of your learning and their experience can help you progress and help you gain new skills. You will also create a friendly bond between your other colleagues which makes your time more enjoyable in the workplace.


Do not worry, you will still get a qualification at the end of your Apprenticeship. As I have mentioned before, you will attend College or a meeting with your training provider once or twice a week. Your assignments are used to cover your chosen units in your course, cover all your units and you have completed the course!

Potential Job

Finally, a vitally good reason to get an Apprenticeship is to score a job at the end of it. Some employers offer you a job at the end of the Apprenticeship…after all, they did mould you into this job. However, some don’t so do not take offence! On the bright side, it gives you a good opportunity to further develop your skills through new people at your new job.

There are many more reasons why to choose an Apprenticeship however you haven’t got all day! It isn’t for everyone but for me, it was the best choice I have ever made. Every day is new and I get to learn new things through my training, colleagues and through myself.