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Why it’s Great to Work for a Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s not sugar coat it…digital marketing is hard and frustrating like any other job. Difficult clients, short deadlines and technology sometimes doesn’t want to be your friend. But it is probably one of the best jobs you can get. I may be biased, coming from someone working for a Digital Marketing company, but I can share with you our experiences in this sector of work.

Regarding technology, it is the future; it is always being developed further. A new iPhone comes out every month with new features, iOS updates and they are always improving the performance. Soon, we will be living in a world full of holograms and teleportation. Working in digital marketing, we are ahead of the trend…we work with technology each day. We have a knowledge about technology that an average person may not have. Technology is a trend and we are ahead of that trend!

Using a mouse all the time to navigate your way around your computer is now regarded ‘a lot of effort’ as now they have shortcuts using the keys on a keyboard. We may as well just get rid of our mouse, right? Wrong! It does make it a lot easier for us doing work and we get to complete projects sooner! Win win for both the client and us!

Have you seen the videos on Facebook or YouTube where someone is playing with slime? How satisfying! Well, in this industry our slime is seeing the progress of each website and it coming to life. Did you see that website we created which appeared on page one of Google? Not to brag but we did that…#googlefamous. The content on your site is your key to access the famous first page.

Our favourite part of being in this Digital Marketing universe is being able to put our creative minds at test. Sometimes our ideas are a little mad but that’s a good thing! It makes everything unique and interesting. That’s what you want for your website. If you have a wild imagination then it’s the perfect industry for you.

Remember that feeling when you got given the latest Gameboy or Tamagotchi and it was a new toy to play with!? Our toy is technology and when it’s brand new…that excites us! The latest Photoshop update, Gmail and IOS is what makes our job so brilliant because all technology is constantly getting updated and moving with the times. We get a whole range of tech to play with which includes voice assist. Pretty cool. To another person, it may not be that exciting but to us, it is.

The phrase ‘you learn something new everyday’ is a reality to us. No day is the same. Each design, blog article and client is different. No one wants to be the same as their competition hence why everyone is striving to be original and come up with the next big thing! To win the race, you have to develop your content or features to be different. You pick up new skills all the time and I promise you…you will learn at least two things a day. Your brain is going to be full of skills and terminology. That’s one way to impress the in-laws.

What is it like at We Are Hex?

We are a very friendly bunch. The atmosphere is fun and enjoyable but we all work very hard, which is incredibly important in most businesses. Our professional, positive and punctual approach to each and every project ensures we have an excellent relationship with every client.

We now have a new office too! We have our desks organised in a right-hand corner and we have chairs that have wheels which we means we can spin around to talk to each other and discuss ideas. We also have a giant red wall which links to our logo in the colour red (#ec0024). Everything is pretty modern…we have to keep up with the times in this industry.

There you go. That is why it is great to work for a digital marketing agency. I bet we have you convinced to join this industry? To us it is the best career for your creativity. You will never have those Monday blues.