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Work Experience with Hex Week 1

We’ve been joined by Fiona Fraser who’s studying Graphic Communication at Cardiff School of Art and Design and we asked her to summarise week one with Hex…


This week has been a whirlwind of exciting elements – some that I am familiar with and others that are brand new to me.

As the first day approached I was told the essentials but little did I know that I was diving straight into client work. Monday morning was relaxed with a meeting discussing last weeks progress and this weeks aims, where I met the whole team. They were really chill and easy to get along with. The team has a lot of knowledge that they shared throughout the week so far. 

As I’d only ever worked for one client before I was apprehensive to work with a digital agency but with the calmness of the team I was able to understand the brief and get straight to work. This being a research task on the competitors of one of their clients, discovering the patterns of the social media posting. Leading onto the making of a spreadsheet including the caption, image and date of release which would then be pitched to the client.

Next I was tasked with working with another colleague – Jai. This project was very interesting with new elements, being that the company had strict brand guidelines. Jai was able to talk me through these regiments and keep me on track. I was able to design and create 3 pull up posters from the website information and the guidelines. The task followed through and lead onto the making of banners, which I found simple as the design was already made. 

On one day I was invited to join a client meeting – this is where I had no experience. From the meeting I learnt the ways of talking to a client correctly, which means that I have the ability to go forth through uni and into my career having an advantage over others without clientele experience. 

This meeting lead onto my next task to create a catalogue with all of his products. Through using the clients website (created by Hex themselves) I was able to easily find the information on each product placing them within my design. Due to the original order form being a little off from being sent over various different softwares I really struggled finding the correct balance to fit in with the catalogue. I asked many questions mainly on the order form that goes on the end page to be ripped out and sent back to the company after handed out to the customers. Once designed the whole Hex team came together and offered suggestions and tips to adjust the finer details for a more impactful design. They all helped with deciding the fonts, the colour scheme and how to go about the pixelation within the client’s logo. With all of these features thoroughly examined we were ready to send to the client. 

Awaiting for approval I was set another task to help out the company quickly with their up and coming project. I had to do a very basic task of re-arranging some words so that it fits within the design Hex has created. This proved to be more difficult as the main typeface chosen was not compatible with the software I was using. After finding the secondary font I was able to create an almost cluttered infographics of words placed within the given measurements. This fast pace work has given me more of the idea in what a real world work environment would be not just a simulated version within Uni.

Overall, I am excited to start another week within We Are Hex and get stuck in more with each project. I have learnt how to brand myself when talking to clients, keep on track in a fast pace environment and how to be around other creative minds on an intellectual level instead of the tutor and student style at University. Therefore, I feel more confident as a designer going into the dangerous world of creation.